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XXVII. Tuition Reimbursement <br /> The Tuition Reimbursement Policy is intended to encourage employee professional development and <br /> improve work-related knowledge, skills, and abilities through the pursuit of educational programs <br /> leading to a college degree. The City's Tuition Reimbursement Policy is a benefit that is limited to <br /> available funds. While the City encourages employees to further their education, educational attainment <br /> does not guarantee promotion or transfer. <br /> A. Definitions <br /> Accredited Institution—Colleges or universities that are nationally accredited by the U.S. Department of <br /> Education or the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. <br /> Educational Assistance—Financial aid received from other sources, including but not limited to: non-City <br /> government agencies, organizations, businesses, or associations that award scholarships, internships, <br /> grants; and/or veterans' benefits (e.g., G. I. Bill). <br /> Performance Standards—Employees must have at least an overall performance standard of"meets" on <br /> their most recent performance evaluation. <br /> Reimbursable Expenses—Tuition related costs only. Textbooks, learning aids and materials, university <br /> fees, lab fees, technology fees, parking or activity fees are not reimbursable. <br /> B. Eligibility Requirements <br /> Regular full-time City employees, who have completed two (2) years of active service and currently <br /> meeting performance standards, are eligible to apply for tuition reimbursement. <br /> Employees may pursue a degree or take individual courses at approved and accredited educational <br /> institutions under this program, provided the course of study is related to the employee's current <br /> position or a reasonable promotional objective within the City. <br /> Employees are eligible for a maximum of twelve (12) semester hours or quarter hour equivalent <br /> reimbursement per calendar year. <br /> C. Responsibilities <br /> Human Resources- Human Resources administers the tuition reimbursement program and is <br /> responsible for ensuring that courses submitted for reimbursement are in compliance with the policy. <br /> Department Heads- Department Heads are responsible for approving tuition reimbursement <br /> applications, ensuring that submitted courses are relevant to the employee's position or a reasonable <br /> promotional objective, and determining that the courses will not interfere with the operations of the <br /> department. <br />