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,,,,-(„9„, <br /> ic, <br /> ,,, <br /> - .64.5, <br /> - iii <br /> :„ Drug and Alcohol Policy <br /> 44,/ <br /> ,• -ii,s0,4 -, <br /> ,,_.________, <br /> Prepared: Safety Manager Approved: Board of Public Works Revised: <br /> 01-01-2018 12-14-2011 12-01-2011, 03-13-2019 <br /> Date Date <br /> Date <br /> Scope <br /> The City of Jeffersonville prohibits any City employee from possessing, using, being under the <br /> influence of, manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing alcohol or non-prescribed controlled <br /> substances during working hours and at all times while on City property, in City vehicles, or <br /> conducting City business. As part of an effort to maintain the quality of City services and to <br /> ensure that the City of Jeffersonville is a safe and healthy place to work, a drug and alcohol <br /> testing program has been developed to detect the use of illegal substances and misuse of <br /> alcohol. The City wants to ensure that employees with substance abuse problems are referred <br /> to appropriate professional help, and to outline disciplinary procedures for those who fail to <br /> comply with the Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy. <br /> The CDL drug testing program is covered under a separate federally-mandated policy. <br /> Policy <br /> The City of Jeffersonville will test applicants who have been offered employment with the City, <br /> and those employees who hold a position that potentially impact public safety or the safety of co- <br /> workers (Safety Sensitive Positions). City employees will be subject to random, post accident, <br /> and reasonable suspicion testing. <br /> As a condition of employment, all City employees will be required to agree in writing to be tested <br /> for drugs and/or alcohol as outlined in this policy. <br /> i <br />