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201822035 BOND $0.00 <br /> 12/12/2018 08:48:36P 2 PGS <br /> Zachary Payne <br /> • <br /> rt,�iG <br /> 7a� PUBLIC OFFICIAL BOND Clark County Recorder IN <br /> State Form 55947 Recorded as Presented <br /> a:;``; , I,L Approved by Stale(Board�of Accounts,2015 IIIIIII I!II II (IIIIIII III 11111111III III IIIIIII <br /> ° `; INDIANA DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE <br /> Bond number 66128297 <br /> Vicki Conlin , as Principal, and <br /> Auto-Owners Insurance Company , as Surety, as well as all heirs, executors, and <br /> administrators of the Principal and Surety, are bound,jointly and severally, to the State of Indiana, in the <br /> amount of$ 300,000 , if subparagraph(b) is violated. In all other respects,the following <br /> conditions apply to this Public Official Bond. <br /> a) The Principal is duly elected, commissioned, appointed, or employed as Clerk/Treasurer <br /> for Clark County in the State of Indiana. <br /> b) The Principal shall faithfully perform and fulfill his or her duties of the position named in subparagraph <br /> (a); including compliance with IC 5-11 and paying over on demand to the persons entitled or authorized <br /> to receive the same, all moneys that may come into his or her hands during the term of this Public <br /> Official Bond. <br /> c) The term of this Public Official Bond is for a one(1)year term beginning on the 1st day of <br /> January , 2 019 and ending on the 31st day of December , 2 019 . <br /> d) This Public Official Bond cannot be continued, extended, or renewed as provided by IC 5-4-1-18(m). <br /> e) This Public Official Bond complies with IC 5-4-1-18, and any conflict between this bond and the Indiana <br /> Code shall be resolved in favor of the statutory provisions. <br /> f) The Legislature may change, modify, or repeal any relevant law now in force and exact any and all laws <br /> during the existence of this Public Official Bond, but this Public Official Bond will remain in full force and <br /> effect, except for that which was directly altered by the change in law. ._ <br /> -d1/11b.%,O�pERs/ry . <br /> O:% <br /> • <br /> Auto-Owners Insurance Company Vicki Conlin Q � Q� m <br /> ''tis�,t-gyp' <br /> 7/ Q i 2 <br /> ek Ai <br /> `��I ` • <br /> i By <br /> . 0 Rauck <br /> ttorney in Fact <br /> Accepted and approved this 51 day of <br /> Ze T66- Z ,2 d IrQ <br /> Page 1 of 2 <br />