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INDEX OF TRANSCRIPT <br />$4,000,000 <br />CITY OF JEFFERSONVILLE, INDIANA <br />BOND ANTICIPATION NOTES OF 2012 <br />CLOSING: NOVEMBER 7, 2012 <br />1. Minutes of Common Council meetings. <br />2. Bond Ordinance. <br />3. Proofs of Publication of Notice of Public Hearings on Additional Appropriation. <br />4. Appropriation Ordinances. <br />5. Evidence of Action of Clark County Council imposing EDIT. <br />6. Capital Improvement Plan, as amended; Executive Order of Mayor amending Capital <br />Improvement Plan. <br />7. Note Purchase Agreement. <br />8. Certificate of City Re: Arbitrage and Federal Tax Matters. <br />9. Certificate Re: Sale of Notes. <br />10. General Certificate of City. <br />11. Certificate of City Attorney. <br />12. Signature and No Litigation Certificate. <br />13. Certificate of County Auditor. <br />14. Certificate of Delivery and Payment. <br />15. Specimen Note. <br />16. Receipt for Notes. <br />17. Investment Letter. <br />18. IRS Form 8038 -G and 'Fransmittal Letter. <br />19. Opinion of Ice Miller LLP. <br />I/2984960.1 <br />