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OPTION F;OR LICENSE OF REAL ESTATE <br /> This Option for License of Real Estate is entered into by and between the City of Jeffersonville <br /> 1N, ("Optionor "), and American Solar Integrators Midwest, i.LC, an Indiana limited liability company, <br /> ("Optionee ") this al day of April, 2011. <br /> WHEREAS, Optionor is the owner of certain real estate located in Jeffersonville, Clark County, <br /> Indiana, which is more particularly described in Exhibit "A ", attached hereto and made a part hereof (the <br /> "Real Estate "); and <br /> WHEREAS, Optionee has expressed an interest in obtaining a license from the Optionor for the <br /> use and development of the Real Estate; and <br /> WIIEREAS, Optionor is interested in possibly granting a license to the Optionee for the use and <br /> development of the Real Estate; <br /> THEREFORE, IN CONSIDERATION of the premises and other good and valuable <br /> consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the parties hereto agree as <br /> follows: <br /> Optionor grants Optionee an exclusive option ( "Option ") for Six (6) months from the date hereof <br /> (the "Option Period ") to request a license (the "License ") for the use and development of the Real <br /> Estate upon such terms and conditions to be set forth in a mutually acceptable license agreement <br /> to be negotiated and executed by the parties. During the Option Period, Optionor shall not <br /> license, sell or othenvise convey or transfer any interest in the Real Estate. <br /> 2. Optionee may exercise this Option by sending a written notice to the Optionor on or before the <br /> expiration of the Option Period. <br /> 3. Upon receipt by Optionor of Optionee's notice of its exercise of the Option, the parties shall • <br /> immediately commence negotiations for a mutually acceptable agreement for the License; <br /> provided, however, either party may withdraw from such negotiations at any time without <br /> liability or penalty by sending written notice thereof to the other party, and neither party will have <br /> any claim as a result of such a withdrawal that the withdrawing party did not act in good faith. <br /> This Option is intended to grant Optionee the exclusive right to request the License prior to the <br /> execution of a license agreement between the parties. It shall not constitute a formal binding agreement by <br /> Optionee to license the Real Estate nor create any legal rights or obligations between the parties except as <br /> expressly provided for herein. <br /> M WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this instrument to be duly executed as <br /> of the day and year first above written. <br /> "OPTIONOR" "OPTIONEE" <br /> CITY OF JEFFERSONVILLE, INDIANA AMERICAN SOLAR INTEGRATORS - <br /> � j MIDWEST, LLC <br /> By:( By: <br /> 1 04-1 .q-LL ( 7 /Ir <br /> Printed Signature Printed Signature <br /> KD 3331540 1.We:X <br />