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Jeffersonville City Ordinances
Jeffersonville City Resolutions
Council Minutes
Parks Authority Minutes
Public Arts Minutes
Board of Public Works Minutes
Board of Zoning Appeals Minutes
Building Authority Minutes
Drainage Minutes
Fire Merit Minutes
Historic Preservation Minutes
Plan Commnission Minutes
Police Merit Minutes
2016-OR-11 Regulating the Treatment and Keeping of Domestic, Dangerous, and/or Vicious Animals within the City Limits
2018-OR-77 Amending the City of Jeffersonville Zoning Ordinance Approving Updates to Non-Commercial Livestock as Recommended by the Plan Commission
2018-OR-57 Rescinding 2007-OR-50 and Replacing with this Ordinance ‎(RE: Fireworks)‎
2016-OR-23 Establishing Ordinance Violations Bureau
1986-OR-54 Relating to the Control of Noise
1991-OR-66 Amending 86-OR-54 relating to the control of Noise
2020-OR-57 Ordinance Regulating Door-to-Door Soliciation and Transient Merchants ‎(Amending 2014-OR-26)‎
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