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41110 <br /> JEFFERSONVILLE PUBLIC ARCT o isSION <br /> Jeffersonville Public Art Commission <br /> Mayor's Conference Room <br /> November 19, 2018 <br /> Nathan Samuel called the meeting to order at 5:34pm. <br /> Attendees: <br /> Dawn Spyker <br /> Nathan Samuel <br /> John McCarthy <br /> Deborah Henderson <br /> Susan Harrison <br /> Denise Freville <br /> Paul Northam <br /> Leslie Lewis-Sheets <br /> Guests: <br /> Richard Eklund <br /> Michael Wimmer <br /> Absent: <br /> Melissa Goforth <br /> Kofi Darku <br /> Old Business <br /> Approval of minutes from October 8,2018 <br /> Motion by Denise Fraville, 2"d by Paul Northam—all voted to approve <br /> Jeff Sculpture (Solar light feature)Peter Nudd <br /> Sculpture should be completed by November 13,2018,trench excavation will be completed November 19, <br /> 2018, LED lights completed on November 20,2018 <br /> Sculptural Bike Rack Update: <br /> Rolling pin rack has been installed. Lady Bug rack was installed last week. Birds rack is being house as of now <br /> at Art Building,will have to look at sight in front of courthouse and have installed. <br />