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(I,‘ ►III 0A. <br /> d"ifrfr '-'1.J <br /> * ,... *11/ ...._. * <br /> tiktimioolumoolimip <br /> 4v <br /> CITY OF JEFFERSONVILLE <br /> PUBLIC ARTS COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES <br /> October 8, 2018 <br /> COMMITTEE: Present: Nathan Samuel, Dawn Spyker—JPAA, Paul Northam, John McCarthy, Susan <br /> Harrison, Deb Henderson, Leslie Lewis and Denise Freville <br /> GUEST: Richard Eklund and Michael Wimmer <br /> Meeting was called to order at 5:32pm <br /> 1. Old Business <br /> • Approval of minutes from September 10, 2018 —motion by John, 2nd by Deb unanimous; <br /> • Jeff"running man" sculpture update—50% being paid by October 17th to Star Solar, balance <br /> upon completion; <br /> • NoCo Celebration-there were approximately 250 in attendance, discussed game pieces and <br /> how they are locked up and Fire Museum has a key, do we want to be able to reserve the <br /> space or areas of the triangle lot for families? Consensus was not to do that. Overall, the <br /> NoCo event was hugely successful. <br /> 2. New Business <br /> • Sugar Skull Festival is Saturday, October 27th from 10am —5pm. Dawn discussed all <br /> activities and encouraged Commissioners to attend and assist as needed; <br /> • Dawn has met with the folks from the Public Library about potential collaboration. They are <br /> interested and want to connect with the Arts & Cultural district programming. They might <br /> feature various projects or pieces of art in their building; <br /> • Various potential 2019 Projects/Events/Activities were discussed. We need to set these at <br /> our November meeting; <br /> • The State Public Art Workshop is October 18 and 19th. Dawn is attending and has invited the <br /> Commissioners to attend if schedules permit; <br /> 3. Commissioners comments/questions <br /> • Paul — Maxwell's House of Music asked JPAC to paint stars (like in Hollywood) as a <br /> fundraiser for JPAC (not much interest from Commissioners); Steamboat nights may change <br /> up the art focus;; Abbey Road on the River wants to continue arts involvement; at NoCo, who <br /> is responsible for the Programming (this has yet to be determined); <br />