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410 <br /> JEFFERSONVILLE PUBLIC AR COMMISSION <br /> Jeffersonville Public Art Commission <br /> Mayor's Conference Room <br /> August 13th, 2018 <br /> Nathan Samuel called the meeting to order at 5:33 pm. <br /> Attendees: <br /> Dawn Spyker <br /> John McCarthy <br /> Susan Harrison <br /> Amber Ridings (Sitting in for Paul Northam) <br /> Denise Freville <br /> Leslie Lewis <br /> Kofi Darku <br /> Deborah Henderson <br /> Nathan Samuel <br /> Absent: <br /> Paul Northam (Amber Ridings sitting in for him) <br /> Guests: <br /> Andy Crouch <br /> Richard Eklund <br /> Heather Rapp <br /> Old Business <br /> Approval of minutes from July 9, 2018 — <br /> Motion by Denise Freville, 2nd by Leslie Lewis—all voted to approve <br /> 'Jeff' Sculpture - Update from Paul (refer to attachments) <br /> Dawn provided documentation regarding the placement of the lights and asked for feedback. Nathan asked <br /> about the placement of the solar panels. Andy and Amber mentioned that she and Paul had met with Tim <br /> McCoy (Green Team Supervisor) and decided on a location that would not be visibly obtrusive, and would be <br /> out of the way of mowing. There was also a discussion of where to locate the placard, with a consensus <br /> agreeing that it would be off the back of the sidewalk along 10th Street, in the middle of the exhibit. <br />