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City of Jeffersonville Fire Merit Commission <br /> Rules & Procedures <br /> Jeffersonville Fire Merit Commission <br /> Rules and Procedures <br /> RULE & PROCEDURE #1 <br /> APPLICANT QUALIFICATIONS <br /> PURPOSE: <br /> The Jeffersonville Fire Merit Commission's (hereinafter referred to as "Commission ") purpose is <br /> to establish the qualifications necessary for an applicant to be considered for appointment to the <br /> Fire Department and to establish the procedure for making application to the City of <br /> Jeffersonville Fire Department (hereinafter referred to as "Department "). <br /> APPLICATION <br /> A. Application forms for appointment to the Department may only be obtained from <br /> City Hall at the Jeffersonville Human Resources Office. Completed applications <br /> must; be submitted together with any necessary documents directly to the Human <br /> Resources Director. All information requested in the application must be <br /> completed to the best of the applicant's knowledge and belief. Any omission or <br /> misrepresentations may render the applicant ineligible for a position with the <br /> Department. <br /> B. Completed applications will be accepted during a specified period of time at the <br /> discretion of the Commission. The exact dates for acceptance of applications will <br /> be determined and duly publicized by the Commission in order to have a certified <br /> applicant eligibility list by January 1 of the following year or as soon thereafter <br /> as is practical. <br /> II. QUALIFICATIONS <br /> All applicants for appointment or reappointment to the Department must meet the <br /> following requirements: <br /> A. Must be a legal citizen of the United States of America. <br /> B. Must be at least twenty -one (21) years of age, and no more than thirty -six (36) <br /> years of age. <br /> C. Must submit a completed Jeffersonville Fire Merit Commission application to the <br /> Jeffersonville Human Resources Office with an authenticated birth certificate or <br /> satisfactory evidence of date and place of birth. <br /> D. Must not have been convicted of a felony or of any kind or misdemeanor <br /> convictions which show a propensity for violence. <br /> 1 <br />