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GR~Y_~_~Lri,LLP <br />LEGAL COUNSEL <br />Gregory R. Clark <br />g, <br />June 3, 2010 <br />Mr. David Martin, President <br />Jeffersonville Fire Merit Commission <br />500 Quartermaster Court <br />Jeffersonville, IN 47130 <br />Dear Mr. Martin: <br />Please allow this letter to serve as my formal resignation as attorney for the City of <br />Jeffersonville Fire Merit Commission. Serving as the attorney for this Commission has been one <br />of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my career. While I am deeply saddened about <br />this departure, I leave encouraged and inspired by the accomplishments of this Commission <br />over the course of the past year. I applaud the Commissions leadership, dedication, and <br />unwavering commitment to the merit system within the City of Jeffersonville Fire Department. <br />I recognize that the Commission is currently addressing many important issues and I <br />want to assure you that I remain committed to serving as the Commission's attorney through <br />the month of June and allowing the Commission sufficient time to choose .a replacement for this <br />position. <br />Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity and privilege to serve the City of <br />Jeffersonville and the Jeffersonville Fire Department. I am deeply honored by your trust in me <br />and grateful for the new friendships that I have formed. <br />I remain committed to each of you. <br />Sincerel <br />regory R. Clark <br />cc: Fire Merit Commission <br />Thomas R. Galligan, Mayor <br />538 E. COUFT A~'E~~IUE, jEFEERSONF1ILLE. 1N 4%130 <br />[P] 812.283,4410 ~ Irl <br />